Spotlight MTS offers classes in acting, singing and dancing, so there is something for every budding performer! Check out our Locations page for details where our classes run. 

Little Lights - 3-5 year olds (Acting / Singing / Dancing classes)

Little Lights attend a one hour session once a week during term time. These one hour classes are full of fun, excitement and encourage the children to learn dexterity, creativity and social skills through singing, acting and dancing. The class consists of  20 minutes of  each of the three disciplines which allows the children to build skills using their imagination, voices and movement. Spotlight Little Lights will perform in summer and winter performances at which the parents can see their child's progress.  

Spotlights - 6-18 year olds (Acting / Singing / Dancing classes)

Spotlights attend a three hour session once a week during term time. These three hour classes are designed to nurture the natural abilities in a fun and positive environment. These students will participate in genres of singing, dancing and acting and develop these skills to reach their full potential.  Our Spotlights take part in all local and national productions and we believe that performance is a fun, exciting way to develop confidence.  

At Spotlight we create a supportive and positive environment for all our pupils so you can enjoy performing to the full!