Teddy Bearchild

As a mother carries a child that grows inside of her, the love deepens every day. She and her little one begin to know each other in those months before she held her baby in her arms. When the birth day arrives, they are not strangers. Their love binds them together for a lifetime. As a mother, I understand that love.

Teddy Bearchild was born in my heart the first time I sang the “Teddy Bear Song” and spoke his first words, “Hi, I’m Teddy.” I have carried him inside of me since that day. Teddy Bearchild is the expression of the love in my heart I have for children and the leading of God who is the source of Love. The inspiration and amazing people who came along at just the right place and time in my life to make this happen was truly by design.

Teddy sees every child as perfect. His mission is to love children, and teach them to love like he does. A child with a handicap, visible or invisible, needs friends and should be able to play and have as much joy as possible. No child should be lonely and feel excluded from others. Teddy Bearchild will teach other children by example, to be kind and loving to others who need buddies.