Spotlight Musical Theatre School Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to Spotlight Musical Theatre School courses given to students, applied for and consented to by the parent or guardian (referred to hereinafter as "student"). Changes to these terms and conditions require the written consent of Spotlight Musical Theatre School.


2. Course times and fees are given on the "Classes" and "Fees" tabs on the website and the "Acceptance letter" received upon registration. An application will only be deemed to have been accepted if accompanied by the registration form. Receipt of the application and any deposit or fees paid at the time of application will be confirmed in writing and acceptance of any student is not confirmed until that letter has been issued.


3. Methods of Payment


Fees are payable via Online Banking / Telephone Banking. Details of this will be included in your invoices.


4. Late Payment – a 20% late fee will be added to payments that are paid after the specified date for the chosen payment time.


5. Courses take place in the week during the normal academic terms. The term dates for the following term will be made known in writing at the end of each term and posted on the website under the classes section.


6. The registration form for Spotlight Musical Theatre classes establishes a contract for the provision of teaching services. It can only be cancelled with a HALF TERMS NOTICE.


7. Cancellation


Each student will receive one free trial lesson. Thereafter, a registration form will need to be completed in which you will agree to abide by Spotlight Musical Theatre School's term's and conditions. If one wishes to cancel a child's tuition, Spotlight requires a half term's notice. Where a student is attending any class after the contract has been signed, the contract can be terminated no later than 4 days after the second class day in order to receive a refund for the remaining term. In this event, classes taken will be charged at the per lesson rate and any excess will be refunded if a child has only had 2 lessons. Should tuition be cancelled at any other point after this time, no refund will be given and payment will needed for the remaining half term. The school understands that, in some cases, a student may not settle and Spotlight does not wish to penalise parents in such circumstances. Termination will only be accepted when received by Spotlight Musical Theatre School in writing.


The original contract automatically continues for consecutive terms unless a half-term’s notice is received by Spotlight Musical Theatre School in writing.


8. Spotlight Musical Theatre School reserves the right to exclude students from lessons at its discretion.


9. Spotlight Musical Theatre School reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and to the teaching staff.


10. Fees are reviewed at various points during the year.


11. Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Spotlight Musical Theatre School and its staff of any existing injuries or medical condition. All medications should be labeled and brought to each class (if required) and given to the registering teacher. Apart from normal First Aid, no medications are to be administered by staff and are the student’s responsibility. Spotlight Musical Theatre School cannot accept liability and does not accept responsibility for any student medications that are in his/her possession.


12. Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings. Spotlight Musical Theatre School can accept no liability for lost or damaged belongings.


Students are advised NOT to bring valuable items into the school. They are advised to have all property marked with their name and to keep necessary valuable items with them and NOT to leave them in corridors/cloakrooms/public spaces within the building.


13. The liability of Spotlight Musical Theatre School and that of its staff is restricted to class time only and then only to gross negligence.


14. Spotlight Musical Theatre School does not tolerate bullying or anti-social behaviour of any kind. ALL reported circumstances will be investigated, followed up and dealt with at the discretion of the school.


15. Dress Code - All pupils are required to wear the Spotlight Musical Theatre School uniform. Repeated failure to follow dress code procedures may result in the pupil being withdrawn completely from the class.


16. Arrival & Pickup – Please make sure students are dropped off/picked up inside the building. Pupils will be registered by a teacher upon arrival. Children will not be allowed to stand outside the building to wait for pickup unless written parental consent has been received by Spotlight Musical Theatre School. Children 13 or under will not be allowed to leave school building unattended by a parent or guardian.


17. Missed Classes- There are no refunds for missed classes. Classes that are cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances may be "made up" where possible. However this is at Spotlight Musical Theatre School’s own discretion.


18. The Course - The Spotlight Musical Theatre School and staff are at liberty to teach what they feel is beneficial to their students in a safe manner throughout the course which is deemed suitable for each different age group / grade. All teachers that work for Spotlight Musical Theatre School are CRB checked and have the relevant qualifications or professional experience in their specific subject area. Students are free to practice, share ideas and artistic content in order to help develop their social skills, class work, the understandings of their peer group and the real world so they get the most from their training in a safe, controlled and productive environment. Classes are controlled and monitored at all times. Should any student be upset or unhappy, it is important that the teacher is informed as soon as possible so that the issue can be resolved. Otherwise Spotlight Musical Theatre School cannot be held responsible for any repercussions afterwards that may occur.